Melbourne York Rite Bodies

Melbourne Chapter No. 59


Royal Arch Masonry is the "Heart, Root, and Morrow" of Ancient Craft Masonry. Records are extant to substantiate the existence of two of the four Chapter Degrees which parallel the development of the more that 250 years of recorded history of the "Mother Grand Lodge of English Masonry".

Melbourne Council No. 38


Cryptic Masonry holds the key to much of our tradition and history. It is the completion of the Symbolic Lodge and the Royal Arch; It clears the vision for much that has been seen dimly; It is both revealing and reverent.

Happy is the man who descends beneath the hollow earth, having behold these mysteries, for he knows the end as well as the divine origin of life; and thrice happy are they who descend to the shades after having behold these sacred rites; for they alone have life in Hades while all other suffer there every kind of evil.

Melbourne Commandery No. 41


The Order of the Temple, the crowning glory of York Rite Masonry, has been characterized by many as the most solemn and impressive experience in Masonry. Here the aspirant progresses step by step, the way trod by Jesus of Nazareth until the empty tomb joins with the sprig of acacia to teach that at last we shall dwell forever in realms of life and light eternal.