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Children Names

Hello this is Vimarie from The Haven. This is the list for our kids.

Haven 1                                       (Donator:) (Updated every 2 hours)

Chris, male age 13, legos  ...(Dayle Schrock)
Isaiah, male age 17, nerf gun ...(Shaun Arner)
Gage, male age 11, nerf gun ...(Shaun Arner)
Evans , male age 13, iTunes gift card ...(Shaun Arner)
Aldair, male age 14, remote control car ...( George Majors  )
Travis junior, male age 9, nerf gun ...(Al Zabel)
Travis senior , male age 13, Legos ...(Al Zabel)
Stephen , male age 11, vbucks card for Nintendo switch ...(Richard Huffman )

Haven 2,

Zavior, male age 16, McDonald’s gift card ...(Dennis Dyer》
Zion, male age 15, basketball ...(Dayle Schrock)_
Manny, male age 12, legos ...(Mike Hutzler)
Wilfredo, male age 14, vbucks gift card for Nintendo switch ...(Wade Atchison)
Dallas, male age 15, vbucks gift card for Nintendo switch ...(George Majors)
Greg, male age 8, nerf gun ...(Al Zabel)

Haven 3

Zuri , female age 11, anything to do with Pokémon ...(Wade Atchison)
Aria, lol surprise doll ...(Gregory Jones)
Kira, female, age 10, bug catching kit ...(John Allen)
Harley, female, age 10, large stuffed animal ...(Gregory Jones)
Trinity, female, age 6, lol surprise doll ...(Dennis Dyer)
Grace , female age 15, art kit, sketch pad ...(John Allen)
Casey, female age 17, McDonald’s gift card ...(Jay Rodgers)
Tiffany , female age 17 McDonald’s gift card ...(Jay Rodgers)
Naomi , female age 15 McDonald’s gift card ...(Jay Rodgers)